Arctic Wolffish, Wild Caught

Arctic Wolffish, Wild Caught

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Arctic Wolffish (Anarhichas denticulatus), Wild Caught


Wolffish are rather unique among bony fishes because of their thick, powerful jaws and teeth used for pulverizing shellfish. The teeth in the front of the jaws are long, heavy and spike-like, while those farther back are rounded and very thick. All the better for eating hard to crack shellfish. Atlantic wolffish is found everywhere along the Icelandic coast, but it remains a relatively new fish for the market and is very delicious. This type of product is perfect for chefs who are looking for “something new” in seafood. For centuries, Icelanders have known wolfish is an incredibly delicious fish but it is still virtually unknown in the US market.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Scientific name

Anarhichas denticulatus


Cheeks, Fillets (Skinless/Boneless), Loins (Skinless), Whole H&G, Whole, gutted


Varies, 3lbs+, 6lbs+, 7oz+, 14oz+

Pack size

10lbs, 55lbs


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