Icelandic Pollock, Wild Caught

Icelandic Pollock, Wild Caught

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Icelandic Pollock (Pollachius virens), Wild Caught


Our Icelandic Pollock or Saithe, which is sometimes called Atlantic pollock, is a close relative to cod. It has the same torpedo shaped body and sweet taste. Compared to cod, saithe is generally smaller and is a more plentiful fish. It has a slightly darker meat when raw that becomes bright white once cooked. Because saithe is plentiful and MSC certified, it is a great choice for chefs looking for a reliable menu item that can be used for all types of cuisines or seafood preparations. It is a crowd pleasing fish that can be served in fillet form or made into chowders, fish cakes or tacos. Our saithe stocks are very carefully managed, MSC certified and adhere to the Iceland Responsible Fisheries management guidelines.


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Pollachius virens


Fillets (Skinless/Boneless), Loins (Skinless)


5oz+, 7-9oz, 10oz+, 12oz+, 16oz+, 32oz+

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