Icelandic Ocean Perch, Wild Caught

Icelandic Ocean Perch, Wild Caught

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Icelandic Ocean Perch (Sebastes marinus), Wild Caught


This is a bright red-orange skinned arctic rockfish. When it is brought to shore, it is immediately filleted and packed for shipping. The fillets are adaptable to all types of cooking, from broiled to  pan fried or baked. It is a fish with a wonderful texture and flavor, able to be paired with anything from light Mediterranean herbs to fresh ground spices that pack a punch. It’s a fun fish to experiment with.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Scientific name

Sebastes marinus


Fillets (Skin-on/Boneless), Fillets (Skin-on/pbi), Fillets (Skinless/Boneless), Loins (Skin-on), Loins (Skinless), Whole


1-2lbs, 4oz+, 6oz+

Pack size

10lbs, 55lbs


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