Atlantic Haddock, Wild Caught

Atlantic Haddock, Wild Caught

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Atlantic Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), Wild Caught


Haddock is a popular premium white fish that bears a distinctive dark mark just behind its pectoral fin. It is a fish known for its delicate flake and fine texture. Because it is a mild and versatile fish, haddock is well suited for many types of cooking methods. It is plentiful and well managed. Our haddock fishery is MSC certified and adheres to the Iceland Responsible Fisheries management guidelines.


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Melanogrammus aeglefinus


Fillets (Skin-on/Boneless), Fillets (Skinless/Boneless), Loins (Skin-on), Loins (Skinless)


5oz+, 12oz+, 16oz+

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