Icelandic Flounder, Wild Caught

Icelandic Flounder, Wild Caught

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Icelandic Flounder (Pleuronectes platessa), Wild Caught


The Icelandic Flounder or Plaice is a very tasty flatfish. Adapted to life on the seafloor, flatfish are most common in areas where they can avoid predators or hide themselves to wait in ambush for prey. Most flatfish eat primarily small invertebrates, but many also hunt young fish as well. The plaice is a medium-sized flatfish with a dark green upper surface with distinguishing red-orange spots. It is a sweet, fine tasting fish that is available from full plate size to fillet. Chefs can use plaice as an MSC certified replacement for sole, which is often more expensive.


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Weight N/A
Scientific name

Pleuronectes platessa


Fillets (Skin-on/Boneless), Fillets (Skinless/Boneless), Whole H&G


4oz+, 6oz+, 6.5-8.5oz+, 20oz+

Pack size

10lbs, 55lbs


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